Analysis of Pospiviroidae infections in ornamental and crop plants
The AlPlanta Institute for Plant Research has successfully participated in the FAPAS Proficiency Test PL0102 (Laboratory 002) and has been recognized by the Federal Biological Research Center as a laboratory for viroid testing.
In recent years, Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) has been occasionally detected in potato and tomato plants in several EU Member States. The cause of the occurrence could not be elucidated. In the spring of 2006, in the Netherlands, as part of ornamental plant (Solanaceae) monitoring, infection with PSTVd first of Solanum jasminoides and later also of Brugmansia spp. was detected. In no case, the infected plants displayed symptoms. On the basis of further monitoring results that were produced in summer/autumn 2006 in the Netherlands and other EU Member States (BE, DE, FR, SI), it became clear that PSTVd could also be widely spread in ornamental plant species in Germany. First tests from our institute have shown that apart from PSTVd infections, infections with Tomato apical stunt viroid (TASVd) frequently occurred (Verhoeven et al., 2008).
Monitoring of PSTVd, Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid (TCDVd), TASVd, Chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVd), Citrus exocortis viroid (CEVd), Columnea latent viroid (CLVd), Mexican papita viroid (MPVd), Tomato planta macho viroid (TPMVd), Irisine viroid 1 (IrVd-1) and Pepper chat fruit viroid (PCFVd) are routinely carried out in our institute by means of RT-PCR. Tests for infections with other viroids can be carried out on request:

Basic price 1

42,00 €

Price increase for single samples 2

11,00 €

Price increase for single reports 2

25,00 €

Price increase for mixed samples 3

7,00 €

Price increase for seed samples 4

18,00 €

1) The basic price refers to the detection of one specific viroid (1-2 primer pairs), 84.00 € will be charged for monitoring of the 10 viroid species described above (2-4 primer pairs).
2) The surcharge for individual samples and individual reports does not apply if the number of samples exceeds 5 (Justification: identical controls must be carried out for individual samples and a complete report must be produced).
3) Reason for the additional costs: for submissions of mixed samples, one piece must be taken from each cutting or leaf and sampled with the others (additional manual labor). If mixed samples are compiled, please make sure that only one cutting or only one leaf of each plant is taken. We only take a part of a leaf from a cutting and combine 25 leaf pieces into a sample. Leaves that dropped off during transport are ignored. If leaves are submitted, we also take only a part of each leaf and combine 25 pieces to a sample. If several leaves were harvested from one plant, the number of 25-year samples would increase.
4) Reason for the additional costs: there are no uniform methods for the monitoring of seeds. The extraction of RNA from seeds often causes problems. In order to ensure a safe diagnosis for the samples, we let seeds germinating and analyze samples of the first primary leaves. Planting requires additional work (sowing, harvesting of samples), resources (greenhouse) and material (soil, pots). Therefore, a surcharge of 18 € per seed sample is charged.
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