Wassenegger, Michael (Apl. Prof. and PhD)
Head of the RNA-mediated Gene Regulation group
Deputy Director of AlPlanta
Supernumerary Professor, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg

Veli Vural Usla (PhD)
Head of the project: DNA-free and tissue culture-free genome editing
(FreeEdit) (BMBF, 031B0531)

Linus Hohenwarter
Scientific employee

Baßler, Alexandra
Technician (all projects)

Wassenegger, Michèle
Technician (all projects)

Schwind, Nora
Technician (parental leave)

Former scientific group members

Dalakouras, Athanasios (PhD)
Head of the project: Investigation of transitive and systemic RNA silencing in plants (DFG, WA 1019/14-1)

Christina Querfurth (PhD)
Head of the project: Genes and mutants affecting virus infection in rapeseed (GAMAVIR) (BMBF, Plant-KBBE, 031A324)

Dadami, Elena (PhD)
Head of the project: Characterization of the silencing suppressor activity of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV) HC-Pro

Saeed Muhammad (PhD)
Head of the project: Begomovirus-satellite-coded silencing suppressors as a tool to study microRNA-mediated induction of disease symproms in plants (Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation fellowship)


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