Proteomics involves the study of the proteome with biochemical methods. The proteome comprises the totality of all proteins present in a cell or a living animal under defined conditions and at a defined time. Proteomics tries to catalog all the proteins in the organism and decode their functions.

It includes expression analysis, localization and the study of the function and interaction of proteins present in an organism. The main emphases of the proteomics department within RLP-Agroscience GmbH are:

  • Investigation of protein-protein interaction and biochemistry of various plant pathogen proteins

    Focus on phytoplasma and viruses

    Nanotechnology using plant virus particles

    Phage display for diagnostics

  • Isolation, purification and genetic manipulation of virus particles for nanotechnology (in cooperation with the University of Kaiserslautern)

    Identification of the ORFome of phytoplasma membrane proteins and their interaction with plant proteins.

    Selection of scFv using phage display technology specific for bacteria and yeasts in wine during the fermentation process.


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