Wavy grain maple

Development of biotechnological methods for the identification, conservation, propagation and use of selected maple trees for the production of valuable timber

Wavy grain maple is one of the most expensive hardwoods in Central Europe. Wavy grain is a special wood structure that occurs in the sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) and is very rare. In the framework of this project, biotechnological methods for the propagation of valuable wavy grain maple material and for the long-term preservation of genetically characterized clones are to be developed. In addition, investigations on the heritability and recognizability of the wavy grain will be conducted. A further goal is the elucidation of the causes of wavy grain. Here, investigations are to be carried out on the genetic and epigenetic level and on the level of endophyte/pathogen screening. Based on this, an investigation method for the first time for the molecular-biological proof of the locking at the living tree is to be developed. The plant material, which has been positively proven with regard to wavy grain, will be used for the development of an efficient, commercially applicable in vitro propagation protocol with the aim of marketing it as high-quality propagation material.


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