Position paper on the traceability of genome-edited plants
According to the ECJ judgment on genome-edited plants, feed manufacturers and companies in the food sector are increasingly asking questions about the ability to prove genome-edited imported goods. In order to answer these questions professionally, a joint position paper (in German only) on the traceability of genome-edited plants was prepared by the chairperson of Society for Plant Biotechnology (Prof. Dr. G. Krczal) and the of Scientific Committee for Green Gene Technology (Prof. Dr. K.-D. Jany).

Election to the vbio advisory board
At the delegates' meeting of the VBIO (German Life Science Association) which took place on Friday, December 14, 2018 in Berlin, Prof. Gabi Krczal was elected to the advisory board. The advisory board consists of representatives of the various disciplines and advises the presidium on outstanding questions of association work.

Hall of FameLab 2018
Science Slam
Dr.Veli Vural Uslu, a member of the Epigenetics Group, presented himself at the "Hall of FameLab 2018" in the Natural History Museum in London in September 2018 and emerged as the German finalist from the competition.
The national finalists from Spain, England, Germany Poland, Hungary and Ireland present themselves in another "Science Show" on 09.11.2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. Dr.Veli Vural Uslu is again on stage (Link).
Symposium of the German Society of Plant Biotechnology
Modern Agriculture without chemical Pesticides?
From 03. - 04.09. together with the general meeting, the German Society for Plant Biotechnology organized at AlPlanta - Institute for Plant Research a public symposium on "Modern Agriculture without chemical pesticides?".
Society for Plant Biotechnology
Election of Prof. Krczal as the new chairman
04.08.2017 Prof. Gabi Krczal was selected as the new president of the German Society of Plant Biotechnology; she follows Prof. Hans-Jörg Jacobsen (1st from the right, emeritus of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover), who led the society in the last 10 years. During her term of office she will continue the proven cooperation with the secretary of the society Robert Boehm (2nd from right, Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart) and the two deputy chairmen Dr. Antje Dietz-Pfeilstetter (2nd from left, JKI Braunschweig) and Dr.  Götz Hensel (1st left, IPK Gatersleben), who were as well confirmed in their offices. Another deputy chairman Prof. Max Schröder (Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences), who is not shown on the picture, was also confirmed in office.
Symposiumim BIOTECHNICA FORUM, Hannover 17.05.2017
Genome Editing: New Paths in Breeding
As a platform for scientific exchange, the BIOTECHNICA Forum provides a one-stop shop for current topics and questions about new technologies in the industry. Topic this year was "Genome Editing: New Pathways in Breeding". Two speakers (Prof. Dr. Jens Boch, Dr. Thorben Sprink) and a moderator (Prof. Dr. Gabi Krczal) provided an informative and well-attended event on 17.05.2017, which was attended by the participants in the BIOTECHNICA FORUM of the Labvolution, the Industrial fair for the "entire world of the laboratory" in Hanover met with continued great interest.
Video-Beitrag leider nicht mehr verfügbar.
ARD Nachtmagazin 23.02.2017
20 years of Dolly the sheep - for and against genetic engineering
On the occasion of the 20th birthday of the cloned sheep Dolly, the ARD Nachtmagazin aired on 23.02.2017 a contribution on the subject of genetic engineering. In this article, the topic of red genetic engineering was discussed in an interview with a stem cell researcher. Green genetic engineering was interviewed by Prof. Krczal.Media Center: Sorry, the video post is no longer available
Die Rheinpfalz - Nr. 119 Wissen (Dienstag 24. Mai 2016)
Researching for medicine from the greenhouse
At the RLP Agroscience in Neustadt, scientists from various disciplines are doing basic research in the field of plant biotechnology. Their findings could help in the production of vaccines and medicines as well as in the development of alternative pesticides.
Chemie & LifeSciences (CHEManager 5/2017)
Plant biotechnology in the 21st century
The CHEManager is a trade and business newspaper for executives in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the adjacent sectors. Every two weeks, CHEManager provides industry information, opinion-forming interviews, product applications and trend reports. Personalities from business, science and politics comment on current topics. In issue 5/2017, Prof. G. Krczal comments on "Plant Bio-Technology in the 21st Century - Potentials of Genetically Modified Plants".
European business publisher
Business location Rhineland-Palatinate

In October 2016, Prof. Krczal had received an invitation from the European Business Association to participate in a book entitled "Business Location Rhineland-Palatinate" with an article entitled "Basic Research and Service in the Varied Fields of Plant Biotechnology". The article is now completed. The book is realized with the involvement of the state government. The invitation of Prof. Krczal underlines the national and international visibility of AlPlanta and the importance of the institute for the Rhineland-Palatinate location.


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